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Nikita 100 [03 of 4]

I recently published my 100th image on my ‘Nikita Chronicles’ album and for the rest of this week I will blog my 16 favourite images from that album; Thanks to all yea who have inspired me thus far and continue to do so through your comments, criticism, models etc 1 love! this is the 3rd of 4 posts:

[09] Nyama! Nyamaa! Nyamaaa!
One day mankind will look back in horror at the carnivorous and murderous habits of its predecessors. The eating of animals and other living creatures will seem as barbaric and disgusting to future man as the eating of human meat now seems to the average person. Animal-eating is only one step below cannibalism. But thanks to ya’ll Bougain Villas animal-eaters for a wonderful evening!!

“NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMA !!!! My taste buds are crying-out-loud hehehe !!!” jenny

[10] I gotta get a truck
Sometimes my wife and I just drive around looking for interesting subjects to photograph. Yesterday we came across this abandoned truck that read ‘photograph me’ all over it Someday I hope to live on a farm and drive down dusty roads carrying our harvest on one such track …

The photos are great, but the track looks terrible… Wes

[11] Shut your beak
I came across these two birds fighting (I assume …I really donno what birds do in this position) and instinctively took out my AK47 and shot what seemed like a ‘beaten to submission’ position … well more like “stay put and “SHUT UR BEAK!!” position (Like Arsenal ….

“I told you what I would do if you mentioned that Royal Wedding once more”!!!! great picture. Expression

[12] A little wine

Elseba Onyango-Oballah: hii ni?
Ans: yu know how yu set up for dinner, candles, wine … and the candle lights u the bottle in a magical way … thts wat u see here


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  1. I like the hdr of the van!!!

    July 7, 2011 at 11:39

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