Kenyan in and around Cape Town

Little angel

When I met this little gal I thought she was adorable. She sang songs and told endless stories that I didn’t understand but they were stories anyway. She had a million and 1 questions one of them being how many teeth I got. She then counted hers and proceeded to announce proudly, “I got 6 … and thats alot!”

Then she asked me to take pictures of her … and she posed (director in the making)

Then I thought about her future. What is it going to be like? Will she be someones go-to gal. You know the kind that has a positive attitude and sense of humor that we all wish we had a little more of — and doesn’t take anything too seriously. Will she be the kind you go to when you need belly-aching laughter and don’t feel like hashing out your emotions?

Will she be The Responsible One: The friend who is always the voice of reason-put-together and logical. Will she be kind of like the good angel on your shoulder, who says, “That’s not very practical.” Will she be the kind that you call when you need to make the bigger decisions in life-relationships, jobs and the things that really matter?

I pray that above all she will be a God-fearing woman full of joy and happiness surrounded by people who will always make her feel special and tell her that she is pretty. May the favour of God abide with her always!
IN the pictures: Rebbeca and her friend sister Jemimah!


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