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To hoot or not to hoot!

World of Birds
Cape Town

Today is my birthday! Praise God for this far he has brought me.

This reminds me of this day when my brothers and I went out to play with our home made sling-shots hunting for birds, specifically for pigeons. We found a group of boys with their bare bottoms showing through their torn shorts transfixed upon some strange bird perched on a tree. Everyone talked in hushed tones while others were quietly slipping away. One of them turned to us and made a hush sign for us to approach with caution.

“Hii ndeo ni nomaaa!” Kim warned us. Kim was the 1st body of my hood. He was so bad that Bogeyman checked his closet for Kim before he slept. Apparently this bird is probably the most revered, feared, loved and worshipped bird in the history of the world! It was believed that an owl’s hoot brought death. Infact it was an owl that predicted the deaths of both of Julius Ceasar and Agrippa!

I never got to hear the end of that story … neither did my brothers because none of us wanted to be there when and if it did hoot! Kim was left in a cloud of dust staring at our bare bottoms as we fled … fast and furious!!!

2 decades later (obviously that owl never hooted in my hearing) … I encountered this bird again in Cape Town and actually shared a space with it. You can imagine me walking into that cage hand in hand with my wife, palms sweating and still trying to look brave for her! The upside is that this time around I got to shoot the bird, but with very different type of weaponry.

And no …! it didnt hoot this time around!
Am gonna be counting birthdays for a looong loooong time!


One response

  1. Anonymous

    happy birthday Gathua !

    February 15, 2012 at 16:18

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