Kenyan in and around Cape Town

Kibe – the Ayanu connection

Addis in Cape is our favorite restaurant! the Ethiopian food, staff and the ambiance are great! I like it when we walk in and they welcome us like old time friends esp Hamad, the Kenyan who works there. Here in Addis in Cape am always fascinated by the menus and recently discovered that my friend Kibe is actually an ingredient on the menu. Now I understand why he always has problems at immigration because he travels on a Kenya passport but has Hamitic looks. I think I have finally unraveled this case! KIBE KAMAU is a descendant of the great Mau Mau Gen. Stanley Mathenge who left Kenya about 50 years ago and resurfaced as Ato Lemma Ayanu, an Ethiopian, to mark Madaraka Day on June 1,2003, a day that commemorates Kenya’s internal self governance. Gen Mathenge aka Ato Lemma Ayanu, owns huge acres of land in Ethiopia.

I have not been able to reach Kibe for comment or for DNA samples. But we now understand his love for reggae music and Coffee Arabica!


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