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Ciiru homecoming #1: meet the uncles and aunties


Ciiru finally met her uncles and aunties from both our families;
Aunty Kakash
Aunty kakash

Aunty Kakash will teach you to be simple, caring and loving especially to children! She will teach you to laugh alot and to make merry. She has a generous supply of cousins for you … so you will never be without friends!

Uncle Mwaura

Uncle Mwaura lives very far away and is dad to your very beautiful cousin Waithera. He works for a big multinational and is a true global citizen. Traditionally he is your only uncle – the rest are your “small fathers” – If you ever choose to go corporate he will teach you the ropes. He will teach you to be honest and how to get up there without forgetting where you came from.

Uncle Mitch

Uncle Mitch is the smooth one in the family. He will teach you the queens English having lived there long enough to master the language. He will spoil you, teach you to be fashionable and show you to appreciate the good things in life!

Uncle Mitch tall

Uncle Mitch tall will teach you how to make every penny count. He will also teach you not to forget your roots and not to be too fussy about stuff… to live a day at a time and to keep a gentle spirit

Aunty Carol

Aunty Carol is Ms Intelligence. She is very caring and loving and I know you will enjoy sleeping over at her house and to play with cousin Leiyan. She is also very generous and will spoil you with lots of goodies. She will be your port of call if you want to join politics and become famous. If you ever want to be the Obama of your generation, keep her close.

Uncle Georgey

Uncle George is the musician and arty one! I hope you will learn art from him and maybe how to sing and enjoy good gospel music. He will teach you to love the Lord and serve Him all the days of your life.

Uncle Eli

Uncle Eli is Mr Swag! He loves to have a good time and be on the social scene. He is a peacemaker and is very caring. He especially cares about your grandma and of all things you can learn from him, I hope you will learn how to care for your family and love your mother the most!

Uncle Shawn

Uncle Shawn is Mr Ambition! He wants to make a lot of money and be rich – and he will be. I hope one day he will teach you how to make money – Money cannot buy happiness but you will need it to be happy! Everyone needs a rich uncle someday – I hope he will be your rich uncle!


2 responses

  1. Waithera


    January 20, 2013 at 12:07

  2. Anonymous

    This tooo deadly!! This was the most deadliest holiday!!! We should now plan for a safari ppl!! Fuuuuun tyms!! Can’t wait for shiro to grow so that I can spoil her with swag and good tyms!!!

    January 19, 2013 at 06:40

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