Kenyan in and around Cape Town


fruitshake bottomless!

Seeing that my daughter is going through a growth spurt, I have to make sure that mummy dear has a consistent supply of the right nutrients to turn into milk for ciiru. I have therefore come up with this ingeneous* solution of a bottomless fruitshake!

Before going to work loooooooooooooooooooong hours!

you too can make your own cinematographs here


Gloom and doom

Cape Town is located in a winter rainfall area and receives its rain from April to October. Sometimes there will be a couple of days of rain and then several days of sunshine, however it does sometimes rain for a couple of weeks in succession. Owing to the mountainous terrain, different parts of Cape Town may experience VASTLY different weather at the same time. Often yu experience 4 seasons in a day!! If this is anything to go by … we are in for a coold cold winter 😦

Devils peak, Table Mt
Cape Town

*Straight out of camera shot


42_70 #ds515: Make a photograph that features repeating patterns;
Am still in my quest to do 70 dailyshoot assgts. For this Assignment I shot 2 landmark buildings in Cape Town CBD; Chevron House and ABSA building.

43_70 #ds516: Illustrate something technological in a photograph today.
Lots of ship dock at the V&A Waterfront and there are all these cranes and equipment to load and unload the ship. They make good silhoutes 🙂