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Night Photography

From Marvelous Light into Darkness | A Cape Town short Timelapse

Lagoon Beach Hotel Terrace,


Lagoon Beach Hotel is not too far from home so every once in a while my wife and I like to go watch the sunset over the Atlantic ocean here. It is nice to watch the sun go down and the lights come up in the city at the foot of the mountain. The scene changes drastically from light to darkness making it all the more interesting. Having learnt how to shoot a timelapse a few weeks ago ( thanx @truthslinger ) I have attempted a few but today I will only share this 20 seconds or so captured over a period of just under an hour …

For those thinking about visiting Cape Town soon this is a nice place to stay and is worth your hard earned dollars! Meanwhile we shall keep enjoying the ambience and the sunsets! So long folks … the sun is about to set – Shabbat shalom!!
Look out for more Time lapses here soon!


Cape Town Panoramas #ilovecapetown

………… Interesting facts about Cape Town

# Cape Town was originally named by Bartolomeu Dias as the Cape of Storms. This was because of the terrible storms he had to endure on the East Coast of Cape Town. It was later renamed as the Cape of Good Hope, to please the king of Portugal. The change was made to give the impression that the cape provided hope for a sea route to the East.

# The median age in Cape Town is 26-years-old, with almost half the population less than 24-years-old. Although it’s the youngest official language in the world, Afrikaans is most widely spoken and is home language for 40% of the Cape’s population. The remainder of the population speaks either Xhosa or English as a home language.

# In Cape Town we have a cannon, called the Noon Day Gun, that is fired every day, except Sundays, to signal 12pm/Noon. This is the oldest living tradition in Cape Town. The two cannons that are fired daily have been in continuous use since 1806 when they were first fired at sunset.
The tradition of the midday firing is derived from a Dutch East India company practice, which continued for over 200 years, when a gun was fired at 6am and 9pm to signal the start and end of each day. From 1865 it was fired at 1pm. Only since 4 August 1902 has it been fired at noon, from Lion Battery on Signal Hill above Cape Town.

# Dr Christiaan Barnard, at Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, performed the first human heart transplant in the world in 1967. He was also the first to do a heart-lung transplant in 1971 (Morkel, J (2010) 10 Interesting facts about Cape Town;, March 19)

You dont need a holiday, you need Cape Town

The N2 from the 3 Towers,
Cape Town

“With cities, it is as with dreams: Everything imaginable can be dreamed, but even the most unexpected dream is a rebus that conceals a desire or its reverse, a fear. Cities like dreams are made up of desires and fears, even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives deceitful, and everything conceals something else”

As I continue to experiment with black and white (trying not to see things in color … after all I live in South Africa) … I am not able to choose between the 2 views here so I am posting both of them in colour and in black and White!

Century City at Dusk

I live in Century City, one of the nicests places to live in (in my opinion) … very quiet and peaceful. I took this photo of on of our typical streets at dusk and the kind I hope to see in Kenya one day … with all the street lights working!
And below is the Oval, where my wife and I stretch our legs every so often in the quietness of the evenings.

One of many reasons I love Cape Town

I met my girlfriend (now my wife) on this very mountain. I therefore have a somewhat romantic attachment to it. Table Mountain, visible from almost all corners of Cape Town reminds me everyday of the day I started to live. I therefore can never get tired of shooting this Mountain 🙂 So heres to love and romance!!

‘Return to Love’

Kirstenbosch concert
straight off the back of her highly successful national ‘Captured’ tour

an immaculate performance with an emphasis on new material off her fourth, and latest studio album titled Return To Love as well as songs you know from her previous platinum-selling albums, Feel Good and Soul in Mind. Lira is an inspiration to thousands of South Africans and continues to strike a chord with her impactful songwriting, moving vocals, and powerful stage presence.

Lira’s music is defined by its honesty, soulfulness, femininity and utter joyfulness. Not surprisingly, ‘Soul in Mind’ received six SAMA Award nominations and walked away with four, including Female Artist of the Year and Album of the Year -OLD MUTUAL-

Best concert I have been to since Papa Wemba @ Beats of the season a loooong time ago in Nairobi 🙂 and closely followed by Hardstone and Kala Mashaka @floodies at Impala club a loooooong time ago!!

Kenya Blackouts: Cry my beloved country!!

Parts of Kenya will be in darkness on Wednesday as the power company starts rationing electricity to homes and factories. Parts of Kenya will be in darkness on Wednesday as the power company starts rationing electricity to homes and factories …

The worst of the blackouts will be in Nairobi, Rift Valley and Western parts of the country …

The power shortage could get worse if the October rains fail, since nearly half comes from hydro sources. Kenya Power buys power in bulk from both public and private sector power generators, which it then retails to its customers countrywide

Back at the ranch, many times I drive with my lights off in Cape Town … Will Kenya ever have contingency plans for power, food and other necessities?! I know there was the Eskom saga a few yrs ago … but that was so well managed that we hardly noticed! Really hii ni post ya kiwaru!

Cape Town Nights!

Kumnandi ekaapa … xhosa for “nikupoa Cape Town’ …
Picking up from where we left off last week, this week I bring you Cape Town nights. Cape Town is surrounded by mountains and water … talk of safety. For a photgrapher this means many vantage points into the city Bowl. Today and the rest of this week I bring you images of the city bowl at night. Today we see the N2 and part of the harbour.

N2 Freeway,
Cape Town

N2 Freeway, Table bay in the background
Cape Town

I loved both angles and so … I decided to blog ’em both!

2 boats and a bridge

I think we live in the coolest neighbourhood in South Africa. It has lots to offer for everyone…. alot will come from my escapades within and around Century City; Here are the boats that take you around Intaka Island, Century City!
Intaka Island,
Century City

Intaka Island,
Century City

Behind Knights bridge apartments,
Century City

Crystal Towers

Mazars, Crystal Towers, Century City,
Cape Town

Basement Entrance,
Crystal Towers