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Negative space

Female Surfer,
Atlantic Ocean,Milnerton


Nikita 100 [02 of 4]

I recently published my 100th image on my ‘Nikita Chronicles’ album and for the rest of this week I will blog my 16 favourite images from that album; Thanks to all yea who have inspired me thus far and continue to do so through your comments, criticism, models etc 1 love! this is the 2nd of 4 posts:

[05]Naked and Unashamed
At creation, Adam and Eve “were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.” Before their sin, Like little kids, they made no connection between nudity and sexuality. However, because of their transgression they became aware of their own nakedness. Their sin and sense of shame caused them to think differently about their bodies.

Little Children
Wilderness Beach, Western Cape

“Aaaawww…cute! Such innocence…..makes me want mine back” kbaab
“sweeeeeeet kids! at wilderness beach..” Wangeci Gathua
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[06] Higher Learning
If you ever studied at the University of Cape Town, Jammie steps were your everyday exercise. 100 or so steps everyday to get to class in pursuit of a higher education (And all the health freaks said “Oo yeaaah!!”) Seeing all these students … future architects, engineers, artists, politicians, fraudsters, hackers etc … carrying bag-loads of books going up makes for a scene pregnant with potential (and all the latest trends in fashion). Everyone wants to study here, and esp lots of Kenyans do their Masters and PHDs here …

Any journey starts with a small step in the right direction…For those in UCT, the library couldn’t have been placed at a better position. Keep stepping!!! da gud doc.

[07] Someday when am 90 (part 2)
… then again sometimes you don’t want to grow old. You want to be the boy in the lake

Sedgefield- Garden route

“I like the posts, simple yet captivating with a story to tell. keep up the good work dude!” Kerrix

[08] The Cobra at sunset
Ratanga Junction: More than 30 attractions including 24 rides ranging from kiddie rides to family rides and thrill rides for the more intrepid adventurers. One of the most challenging of the rides is The Cobra, a suspended looping coaster which catapults riders from a height of 34m along 910m of track at up to four times the force of gravity and speeds of close to 100km per hour. Adding to the thrill of the ride is the suspension of riders beneath the track, feet flying free. This ride is not for the faint-hearted (like me) … but I can take pictures of it

The Cobra,
Ratanga Junction

“Awesome shot man. I would ride that thing first then shoot it down #teamAdrenalinerush”

Kakapo Shipwreck of 1900

The Kakapo left Cape Town for Sydney on a misty night.Captain Nicolaysen saw Chapman’s Peak and thought it was Cape Point. Thinking he had rounded the point, the Captain turned his ship to port (left), and headed straight for Noordhoek Beach. It came as a terrible surprise when, with the help of a strong tail wind and furnaces at full steam ahead, he hit the beach and wedged the Kakapo high and dry onto the soft sand. As day dawned, all twenty crewmen were able to disembark without even getting their feet wet. Capt. Nicholayson was so embarrassed at having beached this brand new steamship on its maiden voyage from Britain to Australia that he refused to get off or answer any questions.

Kakapo Shipwreck
Nordhoek beach

Kakapo Shipwreck
Nordhoek beach

Kakapo Shipwreck
Nordhoek beach

How did you die?

How Did You Die?
Did you tackle that trouble that came your way with a resolute heart and cheerful? Or hide your face from the light of day with a craven soul and fearful? Did you bury your head in the sand and suffocated to death or did you just grow old and weathered away, unable to move? Were you sickly and frail that no one could eat you? Did they leave you to die by yourself and watched as your feathers fell off one by one? Did the ants start eating you before you breathed your last? How did you die?

Dead bird stuck in the sand,
Nordhoek Beach

Winter Sunsets [Sable Square]

Winter is upon us. Sun rays, let alone sunsets are rare. The sun is distant and as the winter months approach ,it will become scarce. Clouds are heavy, everyone is gloomy and heavily dressed and generally the happiness is gone. I tend to think Capetonians are solar powered. I will therefore stop at nothing (even traffic) to shoot a glorious sunset when it does show. Maybe it will brighten someones day.

Wednesday May 11, 5.45pm
Sable Square, Cape Town

Maybe we will get some of this back 🙂
Someday, Last summer in Bloubergstrand

Pingo- Pingu’s Body guard

After interrogating Pingu and Pinga our investigations team have found Pingo who is a friend of Pingu and Pinga. He is a bit of a daredevil and often persuades Pingu to do wild & silly things. We caught him flexing his muscles … maybe for Pingi? The last of the Pingu series (for now) …

Pingo- Flexing his muscles,
Boulders Beach, Simonstown

Pingi … Pingu’s Galfriend

Pingi is Pingu’s love interest and Pinga’s friend. Pinga is sometimes jealous of Pingi because Pingu pays more attention to Pingi than to her …
You will have to come to Cape Town to see for yourself! This was my “back in the day” moment over the weekend 🙂

Pingu & Pingi,
Boulders Beach- Somonstown

Pingu & Pinga- found them!

Remember growing up watching Pingu the penguin who frequently went on adventures with his little sister Pinga & often got into mischief with his best friend Robby the Seal? And all dialogue was in a honking “penguin language”? Well I found them … but I couldnt tell which one was pingu or panga.

Penguin Colony,
Boulders beach, Simonstown

Pingu and Pinga taking a stroll,
Boulders beach

where’er I turn my eye

I am surrounded by water. The sight and sound of it is therapeutic and so we spend a lot of time by the seaside. Often, like Nicole C. Mullen I wonder who told the ocean you can only come this far?” In the crushing waves I see the almighty power of God … that spread the flowing seas abroad, and built the lofty skies… Lord, how Thy wonders are displayed, where’er I turn my eye …

Indian Ocean- Garden route
Western Cape

And clouds arise, and tempests blow, by order from Thy throne
I Sing the Mighty Power of God (Isaac Watts, pub.1715)

Wilderness beach

Off the route 62 on the wine route is the small seaside town of Wilderness or Wildernis in afrikaans. Wilderness is renowned for it tranquil sea and beaches which stretch on forever, and has become a Internationally sought after holiday resort. Wilderness is also surrounded by many rivers and natural lakes and lagoons. This makes it a great spot for water sport enthusiasts, who flock there regularly! definitely goin back there 🙂 … awesome for honeymooners for all yeah looking for honeymoon destinations 🙂 …naked and unashamed was taken here.

Wilderness beach,

Railway pass, near Kaaiman’s river