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Evidence: Why you love your meat so much!

Do you know how when you land in Kenya you want to head straight to Ole Polos or some place like that for the ‘nyama’ and kachumbari and ‘coke baridi? I did some investigative journalism and came up with SOLID evidence what makes the meat so sweet!
Immediately your serving comes, there is a dedicated species that lands to sweeten your meal by adding salt, honey, saccharin, and other sweet substances …


Nyama! Nyama! Nyama!

Ya mbuzii … nyama!!

ya kuku … nyamaa!!!

ya kondoo … nyamaaa!!!

One day mankind will look back in horror at the carnivorous and murderous habits of its predecessors. The eating of animals and other living creatures will seem as barbaric and disgusting to future man as the eating of human meat now seems to the average person. Animal-eating is only one step below cannibalism. But thanks to ya’ll Bougain Villas animal-eaters for a wonderful evening!!