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Trip down memory lane as I celebrate another birthday!

Today is my birthday. And as we often do, I reflect on how far God has brought me from a tiny little helpless baby to the man I am today. I came into the world hungry and naked but now I live my life surrounded by two beautiful women; my wife and my daughter. A lot could have happened in between but I’m here to-day because God kept me, I’m A live today only because of His grace!

So a little drive down memory lane (in picture speak)
@1 Year 1 month
Ramogi Studio or Studio … Everyone has one of these if you grew up in Nairobi
It is only when you become a parent that you realise what your parents did for you. And for that I am forever grateful to mum and dad for how much of themselves they invested in me and the sacrifices they made for this baby here!

1 Year Old

The beginnings of Formal Education: Treestar Nursery School
I clearly remember my sister coming to pick me up after school so that she could swing on our swings. Meanwhile I would be looking like this (below) with my friends Godfrey Lusanza, Paul Waweru, Thomas Mukoya, and Fredrick Ngángá


NCC Riruta Satellite Primary School
Prize giving day was always a proud day for me and my mum who came for every school function there was. This was your typical City Council School where the only luxury we ever had was Maziwa ya Nyayo (free milk). But here God blessed me with some of the best teachers and because of it I became the first student to score over 600 marks (out of the possible 700) in satellite primary … but do I say!! And to proceed on to the great Mang’u High School which I had neither seen nor heard of (only that it taught Aviation)!

Prize Giving

Giving my life to God
The best decision I ever made was choosing to follow Christ.
Here I was baptised by Pr. Ndeto at the age of 14. Never looked back … the cross ever before me … the world behind me


Mangu High School
Before joining MHS my world was informed by surroundings in Riruta Satellite. In Mangu my world opened up to the rest of Kenya. I realised that there were rich people, poor people, smarter people, people who speak english everyday (what the heck?!!) – And this was probably when I began leaving home …
In this pic here are Architects, pilots, engineers, Scientists and many other great professionals that I am proud to share the Mangu heritage with!

Form 1

Here with my fellow architects including the late Fzee! When we did not even know what architecture was. Fawaz, Mumo and Joe in 1st year! Ushamba kwa wingi. Architecture has since become our bread and butter ..

1st Year

The rest of my life
And we lived happily ever after!!
My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me. She is my confidante, my helpmate, my friend. My lover. She is everything the word wife means to me. In my heart, we are wed. In my soul, she is mine.

And Ciiru … Thank you for opening up that childishness in me again!!


So today am older … and happier!!
And thanks to my dear wife once again in my life birthdays don’t come and go un-noticed! Mwaaah … love you sweetheart!!


Evidence: Why you love your meat so much!

Do you know how when you land in Kenya you want to head straight to Ole Polos or some place like that for the ‘nyama’ and kachumbari and ‘coke baridi? I did some investigative journalism and came up with SOLID evidence what makes the meat so sweet!
Immediately your serving comes, there is a dedicated species that lands to sweeten your meal by adding salt, honey, saccharin, and other sweet substances …

The Nairobi I saw

So after months of anticipating and waiting and planning to go up KICC rooftop- When I was available the weather wasn’t friendly and when I got there @5:30 trying for the sunset it turned out that now they close shop at 6pm!! I shall not give up – Nairobi I shall be back once Major Chirchir is done with Al-shabaab!! This time I wont be carrying my tripod up 26 floors for nothing!!