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Capture Your Cape Town Winners Announced!

Hi Moses,
Cape Town Tourism would like to congratulate you on winning your category in the Capture your Cape Town competition.
I will be in touch with all the winners to organise a handover for the prizes over drinks in Cape Town.
Thank you for submitting some great photos and videos.

Mike Metelerkamp
e-Marketing Coordinator

This photo was originally blogged here. Giving thanks to God for this win!


Capture Your Cape Town Photo Competition

I have been rather busy the past few weeks and have hardly taken any photos. Meanwhile I entered the “Capture Your Cape Town Photo Competition” where out of thousands of entries the judges have narrowed down to the top 3 in each category. I have been selected in 2 cateogories. That in itself gives me great satisfaction as a budding photographer.

To win the top price I will require some assistance from my friends (that is you and your friends 🙂 … Please vote for me by commenting on my pictures “The rush” in the my Cape town Action category, and “Surfing” in the My sunset category

These are the Photos that were shortlisted;

Diamond Devil run!

The other exhilarating ride at Ratanga Junction is one cleverly named the ‘diamond devil run’ and rightly so … it is something in between the death machine (the Cobra) and Bushwhackers (for starters) but without all the strappings! This one is a fun ride …

Diamond Devil run!
Ratanga Junction

Happy People … its a happy day …
Diamond Devil run!

… come together … its a summer holiday!!!
Diamond Devil run!


Abandoned motor vehicle,
Ratanga Junction

Abandoned motor vehicle 2,
Ratanga Junction

Abandoned Lorry,
Ratanga Junction