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Gloom and doom

Cape Town is located in a winter rainfall area and receives its rain from April to October. Sometimes there will be a couple of days of rain and then several days of sunshine, however it does sometimes rain for a couple of weeks in succession. Owing to the mountainous terrain, different parts of Cape Town may experience VASTLY different weather at the same time. Often yu experience 4 seasons in a day!! If this is anything to go by … we are in for a coold cold winter 😦

Devils peak, Table Mt
Cape Town

*Straight out of camera shot


Winter Sunsets [Sable Square]

Winter is upon us. Sun rays, let alone sunsets are rare. The sun is distant and as the winter months approach ,it will become scarce. Clouds are heavy, everyone is gloomy and heavily dressed and generally the happiness is gone. I tend to think Capetonians are solar powered. I will therefore stop at nothing (even traffic) to shoot a glorious sunset when it does show. Maybe it will brighten someones day.

Wednesday May 11, 5.45pm
Sable Square, Cape Town

Maybe we will get some of this back 🙂
Someday, Last summer in Bloubergstrand